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  • Wednesday: 3:30 PM – 4:30 PM
  • 9/22 – 11/10
  • Sessions: 8
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Let’s create fun summer memories, birthday celebrations, Autumn leaves bursting with color, Halloween Jack o’Lanterns & goblins, crazy monsters and game characters. ClayPlayers create a new project every week and love making whatever they want for their last class project! 

Students experiment with different clay forms (pinch pots, coil, slabs & tiles), design and patterning, red & white clays, rainbow color & bursting crystal glazes, and decorative materials (feathers, beads, ribbon, wire, pipe cleaners). You will learn how to mix glazes to create other colors, and see how crystal, crackle and textured glazes change the look of your creation after fired in a hot kiln. All clay and glazes used are non-toxic, and firings are done off-site in a kiln.

Working with clay is a lot of fun... but also very beneficial to children! *They learn: Dexterity (using their hands/fingers as tools), visual awareness (hand/eye coordination), how to explore their curiosity, shapes and how they relate to each other, math skills and measuring, how to work with others and take pride in accomplishment! Creating with clay has a calm, soothing effect and is a nice way to end the school day! *http://www.pbs.org/parents/education/music-arts/the-importance-of-art-in-child-development/

Our instructor, Michelle Beyman, known as “Mrs. B, Mrs. Clay & ClayLady” to her students, teaches ALL ages from her ArtCart – clay, painting/drawing & mixed media. This is her 17th school year with Wilton Continuing Education.

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  • Class Fee $300
  • Materials Fee $25
Total: $325
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