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Victoria Gibson Spanish Immersion: After School

Vicky is an established language teacher with a lifelong commitment to creating a friendly non threatening environment, best conducive to learning. Her classes are dynamic, entertaining, filled with cultural tidbits of her native Spanish culture and aim at connecting the material to life beyond the classroom.

Born in Argentina, Vicky’s love of teaching began when she was a child herself. After teaching English as a foreign language in her native Buenos Aires, she moved to the US to pursue graduate work. Today, with an MA in Bilingual Education from Fairfield University as well as two children of her own, she has combined her native language, her love of education, children and music into teaching Spanish through music and movement. She currently teaches Spanish to children at Miller Driscoll, Escuela Argentina in Greenwich, as well as two other local preschools.

Prior to this, she taught Spanish for kids in Wilton as well as at her daughter’s preschool in Australia, where she and her family lived for 4 and a half years. She has also been an ESL (English as a Second Language) teacher to teenagers and adults, both in Argentina and in the US, most recently at Danbury Public Schools.