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SDSS Martial Arts of Wilton Instructor Karate and Action-Flex Sword Sparring: Beginner (Gr 6-8)

SDSS Martial Arts of Wilton is a family-friendly Martial Arts studio located in the heart of Wilton Center since 2006. Specializing in self defense, confidence and anti-bullying, our program is designed to instill self defense skills for the real world through a curriculum of punches, kicks and blocks, with the added benefits of improved balance, coordination, confidence, self awareness and improved ability to resolve conflict in a fun and encouraging environment. In addition to the physical side of the Martial Arts, we assist in character development by setting achievable goals each week that motivate students to work on their Respect, Self Discipline and Self Control both inside and outside the classroom. Together, the physical and mental side of the Martial Arts play a role in the progression from one belt level to the next.